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In writing to my wife, and together with you. ? The next time we meet I want to live this scenario, what do you think that are gone in one night the bars and clubs with the girls, a gentleman that I am willing to help. We started in the bathroom, where I sit and watch the shower voluptuous body, do not just touch. You have to undress and step off the water, you get into the flow, you feel sexy, you're rubbing soap on her big tits provocatively dropping the soap and take the time, while bending over to pick it up, start looking into before I licked hard on the lips from time to time. Is deep in my eyes want to love playing with the shower head look. But he decides not to think like you that make me mad and I think that issue to keep it out 3animalsex of my hands. Her round ass pressed against the glass and give a 3animalsex shake of her breasts, while 3animalsex I smiled brazenly, is to seek this point of my dick hard. They are produced fromand asks me, help you dry, I feel happy in the feeling of bright naked body angle through the thick towel. Right now I'm looking over my shoulder and looked round ass, stroking a murderer I urge my hands down her back from slipping through cracks in the ass lips fingers between the pubic clean run, but I bite my tongue and restrain myself with difficulty. We 3animalsex move in us and get what you wear, I have now won their close us fine gray mini -dress with a black thong, no bra, you want to wear socks, but it is not my intention. A 3animalsex pair of high heals and you're ready to go, unfortunately, is cold, so take a long coat, take off, but you say, once you get into the bars and nightclubs. Before you can tell me that you are drinking and return late, also told me that 's flirting 3animalsex may sometimes good guys are going to explain how you respond to the audience in her sexy dance and narrow Dress for hair the assArly show your thong. You kiss me on the cheek and whispered in my ear: ' Better to 3animalsex be prepared for me by the stairs and greeted me with a hard tail, if I return, meanwhile, while you go around and not do anything, and you can not think, I could sit in the order. ' Then you turn around to 3animalsex leave gracefully into his taxi and wait. I was on the waiting time on the ground floor to go on TV. I'm a little worried, but also feel very excited when I think of you in the club looking so provocatively sexy. As the night goes and always gets me excited as I am, you are probably drunk by now all the men dancing, offensively and tempting to reveal a whole and possibly flirt with the boys to take over. Despite these thoughts that trouble me, even though they turn to me incredible, I'm so hot, my dick is so hard with my swollen balls, I'm about to explode, I want desperately for my needs, but to resist, determined to give it all back to you again. Time passes, and finally I heard a noise at the door, left through the entrance on the ground floor, take your coat, throw on the floor, walking 3animalsex down the hallway to the room, check one 3animalsex other and begin kissing, deep kissing and sexual, alcohol bite you taste 3animalsex my lip 3animalsex and I tell you, fuck you, I say to you, go to the other side of the room and standing with hands against the wall and bend over, I like the visual exuberance of his body from the back and strut your walk on the wall, as I said, the tight short dress makes reinforced by the operation of the chain accompanied my mouth heels open, and tells me all over the world now face fuck the 3animalsex night I 3animalsex imagine must be the ass. You are exploring with your invitation too tempting ass bend, I come from behind I stroked his hard cock against her ass through my jeans, move your hand to gently handle her breasts with both hands, andOurs did not wear a bra and oh feel comfortable, your nipples are erect, it may be a subtle moan and say, touch me. Kiss her neck and ears and playfully down ass up, effortlessly lifting her dress over her butt cheeks, I began to kiss and lick his ass, while I pull her panties aside and give her care and wet pussy fingering, move around her clitoris massage prominent. Begin to breathe and moan loader, I find it strange that the material stiffness of her thong, 'Why thong juices have dried up in them, what happened ?' With the previous game in the continuous flow mode, begins to tell me why is that 'a good boy approached me and bought me a couple of drinks at the bar, and then asked me to dance, I was drunk, gave me a good dancer who was very close to begin of 'dance', how close ? '' Well, at one point I could feel his hard cock rubbing on my ass, not my fault, you have to take me, could not I wanted to help, I was excited and my pussywet, '' right? '' Of course, honey. ' Undaunted I'm starting to lick her pussy, is very active and ask me to fuck again, but I chose to lick, taste and play with her ass hole while my hard cock with my free hand, my desire to please with my refined technique and dominance drives crazy, I researched my tongue out of his ass while I just finger on it: ' I love it when you lick your ass, Raul. ' at this stage, I I realize that she misses her dirty dance experience and thought of another man grinding his hard cock in the ass that makes me wake up. I for the knees and suck My Dick, do not delay, little cock sucking hard rock in his hand and immediately put in your mouth and starts, you look to the eyes, how to lick up and down my shaft, which can leave my expressions can see I'm in ecstasy, as well, start to suck to be sick. I can notI say you no longer bend over. I put my cock at the entrance of your vagina and push you hear screaming, not too wet, which is juices are perfect. I'm starting to pump you, damn you hard, strong and deep in the back, which is teaching me, fuck goes without saying that you were a naughty girl and must be punished, while my balls banging hard against her fat ass repeats. You ask, 'Would you like to fuck my baby kitten, you like fucking my pussy ', 'yes, yes. ' I like the visual and feel that my penis in and out of her tight pussy yells, ' The semen before, keep shit like' this means that fill you with more meaningful shots and faith, I move to rub her clitoris at the same time and fill continues, accompanied by satisfactory thrust out her first orgasm by a tremendous shout of joy and relief. Then the slow, moves his mane of long hair, curly at the back. I hit herare difficult to pack ass repeatedly, pulling her hair and head back to tell you 3animalsex that the best fuck I ever had, you have the body of a goddess. I'm dating, let's stand and face each other and kiss, our hands are all over each question the other body, trash, you can return to his knees and mock rub my cock up her breasts, licking me with the strange and suck and I'll say, ' I wish I had a man fuck me, but only if they were there to 3animalsex see: ' I'm speechless, but have a greater desire to fuck you hard and cum on you, I tell you now, lie in the floor and spread your legs, and I start to get in, fuck you very hard, I say, 3animalsex ' If you let me take another man before, I'll fuck myself in the ass if you like that will not see another man enjoy my sexy ass ? 'When fuck relentlessly very, cry and moan of pleasure 'im going to cum, semen goes into you', looks into his eyes and, say'Cum Inside Me Baby, I want her to feel my pussy juice fucking suck all the milk the cock, I love when you fuck me like that. '
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